Sunday, October 07, 2007

AT&T Video Share

AT&T has presented its new Video Share service at DigitalLife 2007.
Video Share is a one-way video live streaming that lets you share the recorded images in your phone during a mobile-to-mobile phone call.

In order to use it the service you must first of all check Coverage in your area, because Video Share works only on the ultra-fast AT&T 3G Network.

To start a Video Share call, you initiate a standard voice call, wait until connection is made, and then hit the Video Share soft key on your phone.
The call recipient's asks for permission, and when allowed it, both phones switch to speakerphone mode and start showing what the caller's video-camera is recording.

Currently the service requires one of the following Video Share–capable phones:
It is expected that more Video Share–capable devices will be launching soon.

More Information:
AT&T Video Share

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