Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Spy Cameras

Spy Cameras from Spy Gadgets

They have a wire that goes all the way from the camera to the VCR or TV.
They also need a power supply that plugs into an A/C outlet.

No wires but require power, solar power or battery packs. A separate receiver system attaches to your TV, Recorder, Computer, etc.

Air-borne signal, but you also require power, solar power or battery packs., use batteries, while a separate receiver system attaches to your TV, Recorder, Computer, etc.

And the ones we like the most, Self-contained Spy Cameras:

Available in the following disguised appliances:

Air Purifier
Alarm Clock
Mantle Clock
DVD Player
Boom Box
Motion Detector
Portable CD Player
Wall Clock
Lantern Style Clock

Watch this video of how these self contained hidden spy cameras can help you capture the evidence you need.

And of course, this post would not be complete without the Undercover Cameras:

Hard Wired Pen Camera

sunglasses cameraSunglasses Camera
Cell Phone Hidden Camera

Wireless Pen Camera

All Available from:
Spy Gadgets

They also offer:

Legal Issues
Illegal use of this equipment is becoming more and more frequent.
Improperly photographing unsuspecting people in places where they expect a reasonable amount of privacy is a felony.
When in doubt, contact a lawyer.

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Mano said...


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