Monday, February 04, 2008

ad notam Mirror Image

German manufacturer ad notam has created a line of Mirror Image LCD TVs that consists of a innovative mirror-monitor-system with integrated visible surface that allows to conceal a TV screen that can be watched through glass and mirrored surfaces.
Using patented application of mirror etch together with industrial magnet technology, it fits a TV screen onto an existing mirror or a smoked glass that shows only when turned on.
The watcher gets the impression that the TV and the mirror are part of a single unit.

Meant to be fitted in bathrooms, wellness-oases or hotel suites, the Mirror Image® can create living rooms which present guests with e.g. breakfast TV, Internet, video presentations, stock exchange prices, etc. They could even be set up inside elevators, subway cars, you name it.

ad notam is offering three different lines at the moment:
The New Living TV and Highboard furniture series for unobtrusive home entertainment.
The Bathroom Mirror TV series for small-screen leisure viewing.
The Magic Mirror series offers a smoked glass mirror effect, that conceals the underlying panel until the set is turned on.

The flexibility of the product allows you to even create your own designs that can be integrated as part of your custom furniture.


  • Screen sizes: 6.4 - 46“
  • Screen format: up to 23“ in 4:3 Format, larger screens in 16:9 Format
  • Installation depth: 22 - 70 mm
  • Protection class: up to IP X5 (damp location)
  • Accessories: Splash-proof RF-remote control
Additional features:
  • No heat circulation necessary
  • Magnetic mounting system, simple revision
  • RS232 interface
  • Approved FCC, CSA, CE
  • Automatic recognition of input source
  • Invisible sound system
  • It "disappears" when system is switched off
  • Easy to clean
  • Lighted mirror version as an option

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